About Esuubi



"99.7% of our funding goes directly to Uganda..."






"..care for the individual is at the heart of everything we do..."






".. real change takes time and working closely with local communities..."



About Esuubi

Esuubi is a young charity with a big vision:

“For every child in Uganda to know the love of a mother, the support of a family and the hope of a future...”

Founded in 2005 we work with local communities to develop strong, sustainable projects which meet local needs and help the communities to support their most vulnerable children. Key principles which guide the way we work and the projects we support include:

Long-term sustainable development

We believe that real change takes time and working closely with local communities. This patient approach, combined with strong relationships and mutual understanding allows us to create sustainable projects which will be of ongoing benefit to the most needy children.

An example of this is our work in Mityana, where we are combining Ekiwumulo Orphanage Village, School and Vocational Education Centre with a tourist café. Not only will the café provide funds to support Ekiwumulo, but it will allow the children at Ekiwumulo to learn life skills that allow them to become valuable members of the local community.

Individual focus, Global vision

We recognise that there is a tremendous need around the world, however, we also acknowledge the impact that providing meaningful support to individuals can provide. We believe that the most valuable contribution that we can make is in the life of an individual - providing love, care, support and skills will then allow that individual to spread the impact.

Regardless of the number of children in our care, at the heart of everything we do is this care for the individual.

Effective Use of Funds

Esuubi is currently run by a team of volunteers in the UK, meaning that we are able to ensure that a large proportion of the money donated to our work is sent directly to Uganda. Over the last three years over 99.7% of funds raised have been sent directly to our team in Uganda - the remainder was spent on printing publicity materials.

And if numbers aren’t really you’re thing the pie chart on the right gives a nice picture of where your money goes (the bit in red shows money going to Uganda, whilst the bit in grey shows money being spent in the UK).

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways you can get involved in supporting Esuubi, the easiest thing to do is browse this website to discover the resources and opportunities we provide. A few ideas of things you could do include:


There are also loads of other ways you can get involved, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the site please do get in touch.