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"Fundraising for Esuubi can be both a fun and rewarding process..."








"...every penny will be used to support some of Uganda’s neediest children..."








"...we are truly grateful to all our supporters..."



Fundraising Resources

Fundraising for Esuubi can be both a fun and rewarding process. Not only can you challenge yourself to do something new, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that every penny you raise will be used to support some of Uganda’s neediest children.

To try and make fundraising for Esuubi as easy as possible, we’ve included a load of fundraising materials below. These include posters, fliers should help you to run an event, participate in a sponsored activity or tell friends, colleagues and family about Esuubi. However, if there’s something else you need please feel free to get in touch.

Whether it’s by walking, running, skipping, hopping, bathing in baked beans or doing something equally stupid, we are truly grateful to all our supporters. We love knowing what you’ve been up to, so please do send us your stories and pictures.

The Great Esuubi Cake Bake

To help raise funds for Esuubi Café we are asking supporters to run a cake sale at their local school, church or community group. Download the resources below:

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These posters can be used to advertise your fundraising events. They have been designed to be printed up to A3 size, so should be eye-catching on any wall or in any window.

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Sponsorship Forms

These can be adapted to suit your needs. In addition you can also set up an online sponsorship form at

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This is just a small selection of our photos. To see / download some more (including Ugandan wildlife) check out our Photostream on Flickr.

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Simply open it in full-screen mode (Ctrl + L) and you’re ready to tell the world about Esuubi.

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High resolution Esuubi logos for use on any fundraising materials.


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General Esuubi Promotional Materials

Please feel free to print and distribute these materials wherever you feel is appropriate. If you would prefer, you can request professionally printed versions of these materials.

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