Esuubi Sponsorship

£20 a month supports a child and helps contribute to the community



£35 a month supports a teacher - helping many children



£10 a month supports a mother to care for a "family" of orphans

Child Sponsorship through Esuubi goes towards directly supporting your sponsored child’s living and education costs, paying for their:

  • School fees
  • School uniform and equipment
  • Food, healthcare and basic necessities
  • Housing them in a “family”

In addition in supporting your child you will be helping to support the wider community, providing a contribution towards the other costs of caring of all the children living with your sponsorsed child.

Sponsors of individual children receive regular communication with their sponsored child, forming a bond that can last for life.

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Cost: £20 per month

A teacher in UgandaBy sponsoring the wages of a teacher at one of Esuubi’s orphanages, sponsors can directly benefit all who attend that school. This will help to provide a high quality education, which, in turn, allows the children to break free of the poverty cycle.

Esuubi seeks to work with the best teachers available and provides ongoing training and support to ensure they are able to offer the highest quality education to all the children in their care. Furthermore, we work teachers who have a deep routed desire to help the neediest in their community, providing strong role models for the children.


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Cost: £35 per month

Mothers will play a key role in building a strong and viable community at Ekiwumulo. It is their role to raise the orphans in as close to a normal family situation as possible. In addition they are responsible for ensuring that children learn key life skills so that they can support themselves when they leave Esuubi’s care.



Sponsor Online Sponsor By Post

Cost: £10 per month

Esuubi’s community sponsorship option allows supporters to set up a regular donation to Esuubi which will be used to support the Esuubi Orphanage communities at Ekiwumulo and Namacosi. Donations to this scheme will be used to fund food, water, healthcare, vocational projects and general upkeep of the communities.

In supporting Esuubi’s community supporters may donate as much or as little as they feel able.

Sponsor By Post

Cost: £5+ per month

Sponsoring through Esuubi is about more than just ongoing donations, it’s about giving the gift of hope. Not only does sponsorship help support a child financially, but it tells a child that someone overseas cares about them and is thinking about them.

Esuubi sponsorship helps in a number of ways:

Where does the money go?

Esuubi is run entirely by a team of volunteers in the UK. As such, every penny of your sponsorship money goes directly to the children that need it in Uganda. And in case that’s not clear enough, the graphic below outlines it about as clearly as we can!