Ekiwumulo Village

"Ekiwumulo is built to reflect the cultural heritage of the Ugandan people..."





"...a loving, caring environment... can help a child to achieve their true potential."





"We recognise the need to hand over the work to the local people..."

Ekiwumulo - A place of healing and restoration

A Ugandan child in schoolEkiwumulo plays a key role in Esuubi’s vision for the orphans of Mityana. It has recently opened its doors to a small initial group of orphans in preparation for a full opening in the near future.

Dreamt up to accommodate many of the orphaned and unwanted children of Mityana, Ekiwumulo is built to reflect the cultural heritage of the Ugandan people. This ensures that those who live there are brought up to understand what it means to be Ugandan, as well as being provided with an education and valuable life skills for the future.


Esuubi believes that a loving, caring environment provided by a stable family unit is vital to a child’s physical and psychological well-being. We believe that it is this, above all else, that can help a child to achieve their true potential. For this reason Ekiwumulo Village will feature an orphanage based upon small pseudo-family units. Smaller houses will accomodate groups of ten children and a "mother", who will be responsible for caring for the "family".


One of the key aims of Esuubi is to give orphans the opportunity to help themselves to gain a better future. Through providing a quality education at the Ekiwumulo Primary School we are giving the children the tools to help them pull themselves out of poverty. Further partnerships with local secondary schools allow the children to continue their education via a scholarship programme.

Vocational training in AfricaEsuubi has always been keen to acknowledge that all children have different skills and abilities and formal education to a high level is not appropriate for everyone. For this reason, a vital part of the Ekiwumulo village is dedicated to the teaching of vocational skills. An area will be equipped for orphans to learn and practice vocational skills, with vocations such as tailoring, carpentry, catering and craft making being catered for, giving the less academically gifted children the chance to flourish.

Over the coming years, Esuubi will be working closely alongside key business individuals to ensure that the children are taught basic business skills and given opportunities in their chosen vocation, allowing them to become a vital part of the Mityana community upon leaving the Ekiwumulo village.

A child at Kiwummulo orphanageHealthcare

Esuubi is also building a small health clinic on site to ensure the day to day health of the children is maintained. Health in Uganda is often made too expensive and individuals die daily from curable diseases. We believe this is unacceptable and partner with affordable healthcare clinics in the area to ensure the orphans are given every opportunity to lead a healthy life.


Sustainability is at the heart of what Esuubi aims to achieve. We recognise the need to hand over the work to the local people and allow them to take responsibility for caring for one another. As such we are seeking to make the entire Ekiwumulo as sustainable as possible.