Esuubi Trsutees

"..watching a 3-year-old girl collecting water from a dirty water passage..."



"The dreams and ambitions so many of them have never cease to amaze me..."



"it broke my heart to see the deprivation and the increased poverty..."




"they cannot just be left as memories on a photograph..."

Esuubi Trustees

As the people tasked with overseeing the work of Esuubi and providing a strategic direction, the trustees play a key role in the work of Esuubi. Read on to find out a little bit more about them...

Kate Campion-Smith

"I fell in love with Uganda and its people when I first visited the country and spent seven months there on my GAP year in 2003-04. I remember clearly one of my first experiences of Uganda was watching a 3-year-old girl collecting water from a dirty water passage, similar to a sewage outlet. I watched her struggle back up the hill with her 5litre jerry can and realised I had come face to face with poverty these people experience daily. Since then I have revisited the country three times and on my return in the summer of 2005 it broke my heart to see the deprivation and the increased poverty at the Orphanage in Mityana and it was this that inspired me to found the Esuubi Trust in an to attempt to give these children education, food, health care and hope of a future."

Simon Eyre

"I have been enthusiastic about the welfare of children in East Africa since working there 20 years ago. I have been very aware of the needs in the orphanage in Mityana since Kate spent her gap year there and am keen to see Esuubi grow and flourish to help the orphanage children achieve a better future. Its also very encouraging to see the project grow and developments take place Id like to strongly encourage you to consider getting involved with us in this enterprise."

Nigel Campion-Smith

"Whilst I've had deep concern for the less developed world for many years, when your daughter-in-law introduces you to wonderful individual people in a Ugandan town, it becomes a much more real and personal issue. It was a privilege to get to know local supporters of Esuubi's operations through working alongside them on the building site for the new orphanage in 2008 and a great education for a City lawyer. Having met them, and seen the needs of the children first hand, I had to become more involved."

Ann Eyre

"Having visited Mityana several times I realised that the people there are so friendly that they cannot just be left as memories on a photograph. Esuubi has become part of our family life. Being involved in Esuubi is a way of helping people who are needy materially and giving them hope for the future. These people have given me so much in friendship and in showing me a better attitude to relationships in life than we often have in UK. "

Jonno Campion-Smith

"Having seen the enthusiasm and passion of the founders of Esuubi I couldn't help but get caught up in it. Upon visiting some of Uganda to see some of Esuubi's work first hand, I fell in love with the place and the people. When the opportunity arose to become a trustee and help the charity it seemed like a perfect way to help the people of Uganda build a more sustainable future."