Teaching Resources

"...explore the issues surrounding HIV, social change and third world poverty..."



"Assembled by a award-winning teachers..."

Teaching Resources

A Ugandan OrphanEsuubi is keen to work alongside schools and youthgroups to help young people gain a better understanding of the issues faced by their counterparts around the world. As such we have assembled a series of secondary school teaching resources which allow students to explore the issues surrounding HIV, social change and third world poverty.

Assembled by a team of award-winning teachers these resources aim to engage young people in the issues of Poverty, Global Citizenship and the Developing World. Through giving young people an opportunity to learn about their less fortunate counterparts, whilst expressing themselves through exciting yet insightful lessons, it is our aim to raise a generation which truly understands what it means to be a citizen of tomorrow’s world.

A Ugandan orphan in school

The information and resources contained within this pack have been provided royalty free, all we ask is that teachers and youth group leaders commit to organising at least one sponsored event within their school or youth group, a series of ideas and suggestions are given in the "Ideas and Resources" section of the pack.


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The Esuubi Teaching Resources (Suitable for Key Stage 3 & 4)